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What is Gamification??

...but what do you do?

...what is gamification?

gamification [-gam(e) + ification]

noun The application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity in order to drive engagment. Derivative of "gamify."

For example, if we were to turn reading an article into a game:

Gamificaton creates engagement by making challenges more fun!

  • The website Mint gives you achievements and a progress bar based on how well you achieve your financial planning goals.
  • Foursquare gives out badges and awards for checking into local businesses.
  • In the smartphone app, Zombie Run, your jogging music is interspersed with audio prompts, sound effects, goals, achievements, and rewards, because the more that you run, the faster that you escape the Zombie Hordes!

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One on One Tutoring

We provide all of the support that you would expect from a premium tutoring service, including one on one tutoring with a highly qualified educator. We also offer something MORE than other tutoring companies.

The Avatar Game System

Through our customized Avatar system each student creates an online character. They advance the character through a unique story, customized by the tutor to fit the student's interests and academic needs.

To advance the story, overcome challenges, gain rewards, or defeat enemies, the student must complete real world tasks assigned by the tutor and report their successes on their character page.

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A task or "challenge" is a real world goal that is set for the student. It can be as simple as writing down your homework assignments for the day, or as complex as writing a thesis. Different tasks will earn different rewards for the character.

Schoolwork is entered as game tasks, with game rewards.

Once a task is completed, the student enters the result on their character page online, through an email, or even via a text message!

Immediately they receive a text, email, or pop up that moves the story forward. They also get experience points and other rewards to use in their story or expand their character. Character web pages are instantly updated, so that parents can follow along with the adventure.

The difference is Motivation

Each time the tutor meets with the student they reveal more of the story, and let the student decide what to do next. Then new tasks are assigned based on the student’s current academic needs.

Games make you feel powerful and effective.

Being in school can make you feel powerless, ineffectual, and insignificant. It is dehumanizing.

Our Avatar system lets students create a story tailored to their interests, where they are the hero, and their actions control events on epic scales.

You finished your hometwork and improved your levitation spell!

You finally get your big break!

The coach puts you in for your first 5 minutes of professional ball!

Each student's story follows a personal version of the classic hero's journey. Through one-on-one interactive customization, the stories help students to manage their inner lives. They understand their own progress by watching their character grow.

Students using the Avatar System don't just step into a classroom, they enter the next level of their own personal, epic adventure!


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