Services, Subjects, and Cost

We can provide a wide range of support, customizable to fit the needs of your student, time constraints, travel constraints AND your budget.

All services are provided by highly trained, highly qualified tutors who have passed a rigorous screening process.

Our services include:

  • Curriculum Enrichment services – a game based engagement activity (Avatar activities)
  •  In-your-home sessions of between 55 minutes  and 2 hours.  (including a week of email support and Curriculum Enrichment.)
  • Video chat sessions
  • 24 hour homework and project email support
  • Home school tutoring  &  Home school curriculum coordination, & Support for home schooling  educators
We can customize your package to include any or all of these. We specialize in custom-designed activities, so whatever your individual education needs, we can create a system to support you.

We offer package rates on multiple hour sessions and pre-purchased session bundles.

We offer tutoring in most subject areas from 5th grade through college. 

We offer tutoring in most academic subject areas, including English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science,  General Science,  Biology, Physics, History, and Chemistry.   We also offer Test Prep services (both general and for specific tests),  Study skills training, and Home School Curriculum Support (for educators of homeschool and unschool students).   In some cases, when a student requires expertise in an area that we do not currently cover, we bring on additional tutors.  All of our tutors go through a vetting and training process to insure that you receive services worthy of the YESS! Tutoring name.

Our tutoring focuses on understanding the individual needs of the students by collecting detailed background information, and then creating an educational experience that makes educational experiences more meaningful to the individual student.

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Youth Enrichment Support Services - Y.E.S.S!

"The more I want to get something done, the less I call it work."

Richard Bach