Y.E.S.S.  Avatar sheet:

Avatar Name:  

J. Grills

Current Experience  1800 Current level  2 Next level up @  2,200


Imagined Identity Image:




Stats: Start value Level bonuses Current Stat
Creativity/Ingenuity:  10  10
Mathematics  6  6
Dedication/Tenacity  10  10
Reading  6  +1  7
Athleticism  8  8
Science  4  +1  5
Cooperative Charisma  8  8
Writing  8  8
Make up your own: Music  10  10


 Character Back Story:
 From one of the toughest neighborhoods in Oakland James Grand or J.Grills is an emerging rap star with his eye on superstardom.  From the first time he heard Dr. Dre he knew what he wanted to be.  Now he has to navigate the winding road of rap battles, self promotion, agents, industry executives and creative challenges.  He knows no one can stop him, but a whole lot of people seem to want to try.





 Special Skills and Abilities
 J.Grills has a talent for creating beats and rhymes not seen since Tupac and Biggie.






 Character Creation – 500 pointsComposed a rhyme about heat exchange -600 points

Wrote a rap about the short story “The Lottery” -600 points

Got a  positive phone call home from his English teacher – 100 points


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"The more I want to get something done, the less I call it work."

Richard Bach