In World Challenges

In World Challenges are real world tasks with rewards inside the game.

These tasks are directly relevant to the student’s academic challenges, and are rewarded by increasing their character’s powers, advancing their level, granting new abilities, or opening new challenges.Still need some clarity about what these types of activities are like?

Here are some examples of In World Challenges:

Kevin is having trouble in his history class. His Avatar is a soldier fighting in Iraq.   He says that he is struggling because his teacher doesn’t like him.  He is assigned to recruit that teacher as an ally in the game.  His task is to meet with the teacher outside of class time.  He will then attempt to create a more positive relationship with the teacher whereby he can succeed in the classroom.  Kevin practices what he is going to say with the tutor in advance.  Everything that he does in preparation (such as writing down what he will say in advance) earns his character XP.  If he meets with the teacher he gains XP.  If he succeeds in creating a more positive relationship with the teacher he gains an in-game ally of considerable power, such as an intelligence operative who can feed him equipment and information.  In addition, every time that he receives specific help or has a positive interaction with that teacher his in game ally will give him a comparable piece of aid.

Ellen is struggling with her biology reading.  She reads, but has trouble understanding and retaining what she reads.  Her character is a wizard, seeking to break an ancient curse which imprisons her family.  Her in world activity is to create notes on each page that she reads.  Each bullet point that she creates in her notes as she reads her biology text gains her  XP for her character (the amount of xp would vary by level) and each time that she completes a chapter she gains a new spell to use against the evil sorcerer who has ensorcelled her family.  In addition, if she succeeds (up to a self determined standard) on her next bio test, then all of the spells are enhanced in their strength proportionally!  The spells even work as a mnemonic device, giving her something to anchor her memory of the knowledge to, thereby improving recall.

Amanda hates drafting and editing her English essays.  She runs her spell checker and then turns the paper in to the teacher.  Her character is a spaceship captain, trying to save humanity from a despotic alien race.  She is assigned to edit the paper.  This time however, every mistake that she finds and every place that she is able to make an improvement earns her experience points.  If she shows her tutor three edited drafts of the paper then she learns a new alien language, and is able to communicate with a new potential ally species.

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