Frank Proudpaw

Y.E.S.S.  Avatar sheet:

Avatar Name:   Frank Proudpaw

Current Experience  1,150 Current level 1 Next level up @  1,200


Imagined Identity Image:











Stats: Start value Level bonuses Current Stat
Creativity/Ingenuity:  7
Mathematics  5
Dedication/Tenacity  10
Reading  7
Athleticism  10
Science  6  +1  7
Cooperative Charisma  7
Writing  6
Make up your own:  Stregth  10


 Character Back Story:
 Frank Proudpaw grew up in a small town where not much happened.  He only ever wanted to do one thing, play football.  Now he has entered his first year at Stanford on his football scholarship.  And these coaches don’t play around.  He needs to maintain his focus on and off the field in order to handle that full course load AND keep his in game stats up!




 Special Skills and Abilities
 Frank can “see” the field.  He knows where the other players are and is able to get where he needs to be to make TDs happen.  He is only now starting to see that this can be his greatest strength in the classroom as well.


Completed Character creation including: assigning character points, creating back story, creating skills and and abilities. 500 pointsSelected picture – 50 pointsRead an article at a reputable periodical about the physics of football and summarized it to his tutor. – 400 pointsEarned a positive phone call home from a teacher – 75 pointsShowed his parents a graded math assignment. – 125 points




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