Gamification is about giving people goals

In my research into applications of gamification I recently read this: On its surface, gamification si simply the use of game mechanics to make learning and instruction more fun.  It seems “fake” artificial or like a shortcut.  It’s not.  Underneath the surface is the idea of engagement, story, autonomy, and meaning.  Games give experience meaning,…more

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Jane McGonigal, queen of gameification, interviewed by CNN

For those who don’t know Jane McGonigal is the leading light of the gameification movement.   Jane has been the leading advocate for games to become tools to improve society, rather than just time sucking escapism.  Her book, Reality is Broken, is what inspired me to create the Avatar tutoring system used at YESS! tutoring.    I…more

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Gamers level up another process.

Another example of crowd sourced game advancement!    

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New package rates!

Purchase 4 90 minute sessions and save $20

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The White House gets in on games

The White House recently hired Constance Steinkuehler as a Senior Policy Analyst at the Office of Science and Technology Policy.  She is researching  MMOs as tools to improve health, education, and civic engagement. Read the full article here.  

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A game overlay

One way to describe what we do here at YESS! is that we create a “game overlay.”  Seth Priebatsch gave a fascinating TED talk about how this kind of thing is becoming more and more the accepted practice in a wide range of areas.  Basically we create a game around the tasks that students are…more

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Games can produce serious results!

The prestigious scientific journal Nature recently published an article describing a medical discovery made by playing games.  You can  read the article Here   .  The short version of the story is that players of the networked game Foldit  collectively solved a problem which had stumped scientists with super computers for years.  How long did it…more

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Our new web sites makes it even easier to keep in touch and schedule tutoring sessions.

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Game-Based Learning in Hebrew Schools

We just saw this article that Hebrew schools also seek to bring games to the classroom to teach and inspire.

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