The Avatar System


Our Avatar system is at the core of our enrichment services.

All students enrolled in the enrichment program work with a tutor to create a customized Avatar.  The Avatar is a character with attributes, a history, talents and skills, and unique goals.    What truly makes an Avatar special though, is that they have an epic goal. An epic goal is a powerful dream that the student selects, and their character pursues in the game.

The student navigates this Avatar through customized in world challenges and in character challenges created by the tutors.  These task advance them in the game and are designed to move them towards mastery of academic skills, while advancing their characters towards greatness.

Each avatar has a page where parents and studentscan follow the progress of the game.   Because the avatar is only known by their character name, the page is public, but your student’s personal information is always private.

Everyone has a role in the game, whether it is in game questing, being an ally, or being a mentor.




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