How to create a great Avatar?

Step 1: Pick a kind of person (or creature) that you think sounds cool.  This can literally be anything you imagine.  Don’t worry, anything that you decide now can be changed later using effect points.  The more that you are interested in the character the better it will be.  Make it your dream, make it a life goal, make it anything you can imagine, just make it your own.

Step 2:  Give them a set of stats.  Make these as much like your own abilities as you can.  be honest, you have nothing to lose.

Step 3: Give them a goal.  What does this person want to achieve.  Remember that this is your own story, and the character can strive for anything that you can imagine.  Also, remember that you can change this later using effect points at any time.

Step 4:  Give them a back story and abilities.  The more detailed the better.  the important thing is to make your avatar a little more real.  Make them your own.  Earn points by finding an image to use, or by creating your own!

Step 5: Work with your tutor to create your first challenges.  These can be activities like writing something, solving a problem, researching something, or achieving something in your classes.  You can be working on multiple goals at the same time, or focus on a larger goal.

Step 6: Show off your achievements.  Show your parents or a teacher or a friend what your character has accomplished already!  Your avatar should become a source of pride and achievement.

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"The more I want to get something done, the less I call it work."

Richard Bach