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Seth Franklin

Seth Franklin, B.A., M.A.S.E.,

Meet Seth:

Seth has a bachelors degree in philosophy from Connecticut College, a masters degree in secondary school education from Loyola Marymount University, two years of tutoring experience,  and 6 years of classroom experience.   He has often been described as a natural educator.  After becoming disillusioned with the decrepit state of our schools, the focus on testing over authentic knowledge, and the overcrowded school establishments, Seth decided that he had to work outside of these traditional systems.

As he explored new findings in fields like neuroscience, cognitive science, network theory, the philosophy of mind, and education pedagogy it became clear that there needed to be a fundamental shift in education toward engagement.  Students experience with education is more and more that of an oppressive, disinterested structure imposing arbitrary requirements. This forms in them an antagonism, and makes them resist a process that should be a joyous discovery of new horizons.  His response to the problems was to establish Y.E.S.S. Tutoring, a program designed to create involvement and engagement in education.


  • Foster successful engagement in challenging academic activities
  • Aid students in integrating their knowledge so that what is learned has real world authenticity.
  • Create a system for challenging students to do things they didn’t believe were possible, a motivation system to encourage them, and a monitoring system to follow their progress.

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Youth Enrichment Support Services - Y.E.S.S!

"The more I want to get something done, the less I call it work."

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