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"The more I want to get something done, the less I call it work."

Richard Bach


Posted at 04:05 PM PST, 05/16/2012
Gamification is about giving people goals

In my research into applications of gamification I recently read this: On its surface, gamification si simply…more

Posted at 03:00 PM PST, 04/16/2012
Jane McGonigal, queen of gameification, interviewed by CNN

For those who don’t know Jane McGonigal is the leading light of the gameification movement.   Jane has…more

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Home school curriculum coordination

Home school tutoring  & Support for home schooling  educators  

Curriculum Enrichment services

We adjust out program to help our students with their current curricula as…more

In-your-home sessions of between 55 minutes and 2 hours.

As part of our inhome sessions, we include email support and Curriculum Enrichment.  This…more

Video chat sessions

We can support your student with video chat sessions, cutting down on travel…more

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About Our Tutoring Lessons & Services

We are a new kind of tutoring company, one designed to utilize the power of games to enable your student to achieve their full potential as imaginative motivated learners. Our Avatar system shows students how education is central to achieving their personal dreams and goals. We offer a mix of traditional academic support melded with an engaging narrative game based activity. By synthesizing their imaginative dreams with real world academics we help them become self motivated students, learning out of a desire for knowledge, and to empower them to achieve their life goals.

We provide a wide range of services in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, for a variety of client needs, including traditional in-home tutoring, online sessions, email only support, and game based enrichment activities. Our programs are always customized to the needs of your student, and are always guided by our philosophy that learning is an essentially joyful, satisfying activity.

Our Goals

  • Foster successful engagement in challenging academic activities.
  • Aid students in integrating their knowledge so that what is learned has real world authenticity.
  • Challenge students to do things they didn’t believe were possible through a motivation system that encourages them and a monitoring system to follow their progress.